Art and Emotion

What emotions does #art evoke in you? Today’s Coffee Talk thoughts - dip into ArtBreath & chat over a coffee on Art and Emotion :
With technology rapidly taking a hold of artmaking , & #artfairs embracing #neons & shiny art, has our perception of what we like seeing changed? Have our senses been enhanced because of tech as often we stare at a screen & so we relate more to art that have those similar elements? Has it become about what the artwork looks like in a picture? Or has this always been the case, since art has always been replicated in books, newspapers, to postcards & now social media.
And what about what we feel when we see a piece of art? Has that changed too? Do we feel like there constantly needs to be more &more or newer & newer aspects or ideas for us to take notice of an artwork as everything seems so constant & available for our #visual pleasure all the time. And as we are brought together through #technology we are also divided by screens &perhaps these screens have impacted our senses & our emotions.However perhaps they have also enhanced our emotions & taken us deep into our imagination like art can do. Making us feel new #senses .
Is feeling the purpose of #artistic #expression ? Or about conveying a message? Or both? Is art trying to make its audience feel something about their message? 
We have so been used to a commercial world, with art becoming a commodity & swiping through #images that perhaps we forgot to receive its impact.
There is research & science into emotional responses like #patterns or #symmetry.
Also often a painting will have geometric shapes and forms .In other words when our eyes look at a painting it forms lines & these into triangles, from one side of the canvas to the other & our senses should follow the whole piece.(This is also why art as a discipline does not sit on its own but often with math.(perspective).) Regardless, does our emotion upon looking at an artwork depend on our own experiences ? What do you think about art and emotion?
And what artworks have made you feel? Whether, anger, happiness, sadness or joy, or even hit you straight in the heart without knowing why. 
What do you all think?