Art by Artificial Intelligence

“Edmond de Balamy” by Obvious Art

“Edmond de Balamy” by @obvious_art  is the first ever painting to be made by AI to be auctioned. Estimated at $7000-$10000, it sold yesterday for $432,500 at Christies New York. 
In August I posted on Instagram about Obvious Art how this collective of people are disrupting the art world by having invented an algorithm that paints, creating a set of paintings with technology.
The interest in their work is high.
Similar thoughts since I first posted still come to mind, is this art if a machine has made it? Or is this showcasing the sometimes absurdity of the art market?
But a machine is a camera, it’s a printing press, it’s photoshop and so on, and so this now is the evolution from the machines we are used to. A new wave of art tech.
And this talented collective are behind this “machine”, they have invented an algorithm and the tech has made us feel uncomfortable and comfortable, just like art does. It has made us react, just like art does. This is either the beginning of a norm as more and more our instincts and emotions are drawn to machine like entities and robots or it is a passing moment in the History of Art, the future history of art.
Whatever it is, it is pretty impressive to have created this algorithm & when you create you are an artist.
Though aesthetically the paintings could be intriguing, whether the art is impactful in itself maybe is second to the invention.
And though often in art, machine like tools are used to create artworks, art comes from an artist’s soul, it’s a feeling, an expression and that usually cannot be programmed, unless other reasons are involved.
Such as branding etc...
That is not to say that the people behind the tech are not expressing an emotion from their artistic soul with the language of tech and maths.
We cannot deny that tech and art are being fused together even more so than before, but on another hand, maybe they always have been, we are just seeing this now on a grand scale, because when AI is involved it feels like, or it is for now, a separate entity to us. I wonder worryingly for how long though.
Regardless, we also cannot deny that inventing an algorithm in itself is impressive let alone one that paints!
What do u all think?




noursalehs : Pic regram @obvious_art
Artwork is by #EdmonddeBelamy created by @obvious_art using #artificialintelligience ,
For the 1st time an #AI #painting will be auctioned in October @christiesinc
There are 11 artworks by the #BellamyFamilycreated by #ObviousArt & some have already been sold to collectors.
@time have published an article entitled "The painter behind these artworks is an AI program, do they still count as art"
So what do you all think?

Obvious Art is made up of a collective of talented people working with #algorithms#computers ,also looking &working with other elements such as #philosophy &other disciplines.
Surely creating, inventing, constructing, feeling, r all part of what forms #art , therefore whether we see this #painting as art or not because it was created with AI should not make us forget or neglect that there are talented people behind the #algorithm ,& they have created, invented, constructed & so forth that. They are #artists #mathematical artists too.
In a time when disciplines are merging together more & more, the continuous fusion of #technology & art is inevitable. It has always been there, either with photography or digital printing but it is reaching dimensions which may disrupt at such a fast pace, that we, #theworld are finding it difficult to keep up. Worried about automation and job losses. Perhaps politics needs to step up. 
Technology makes us feel comfortable and uncomfortable, just like art does. 
So #tech is part of a new wave of art; & the auctioned artworks will either become the norm, or it is an artistic medium experiment or it is an experiment about the art market-the sometimes absurdity of it-to show that art has become a commodity first & an emotion second, rather than the other way around like it probably should be. Or perhaps it isn't the other way around, & our emotions r more & more drawn to #robotic#technological aspects &so purchase is emotion based 1st.
It is WOW moment in invention and 
Whatever answer 2question, tech shows art is in everything
@obvious_art r talented humans creating AI & when u create u r part of what defines being an artist.
And when you make people react, well, that's art ✨