Robots in Government

In light of world politics, this piece @worldeconomicforum by Prof Zeger Van der Wal and Yifei Yan was a really interesting read, asking if “Could robot leaders do better than our current politicians?” The article reflects the notion that robots are less “impulsive” and have less “emotions” than humans, making them better leaders. In other words their algorithm would be programed in such a way. 
They mention that the advantages of Robogov are that they would be less egocentric and “less susceptible to corruption and unethical behaviour”.
To be honest just the name Robogov seems already quite a bit to take in. But while it seems possible to perceive that an algorithm could be balanced, as the article suggest that AI is already being used in certain political elements. Other issues that the article points out also should be considered. Such as the rise of AI may fuel inequality in areas such as gender and there may be data leaks, computer errors. Furthermore having one side of the world “robotised” and the other not, heavier power play is bound to occur towards nations and also citizens. Orwell’s 1984 springs to mind.
The article reaches the notion that we should work together and that automation & AI should enhance our lives rather than compete with it.
I’m not sure what to think, technology, automation, robots seem inevitable and in many ways tech has proved to be great and enhance our lives in terms of advancement in health tech and reaching people in remote areas, but in regards to politics and decision making not sure it is a good direction to take, as perhaps yes the robot could be programmed to be fairer, but what about the person behind the robot, behind the algorithm? Will they put politics, people and society first? And power second? And if not will they be accountable and will we be able to change things? Or will power tip too much in one direction?
What do you all think?