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This past year, throughout the pandemic, lockdown, unlocking and re-locking, most of us have been foraying more and more into the technological world, in order to connect either for work, socialising, conversations or for viewing art. Grateful that we are living in an era where the tool of technology exists for us to do so, and yet, alongside the virtual arena expanding and NFT’s immersing within the art world, many of us, long for the opposite of the virtual — to dive into the ‘un-virtual’. 
A Zoom generation, alongside a need to connect in person and reclaim a part of our social identity — gathering in large groups, cafés, theatres, concert halls, nightclubs, shops, even offices are missed. Art spaces, such as museums and art galleries, are no exception, their wondrous sense of transporting us into the realm of an artist’s world can be magical. 
Seeing art in person, takes the art to a different level. As a viewer, much emotion can be released back and forth with a piece of art. An energetic pull of an artwork, a painting, ceramic, or a sculpture can be felt, that sentiment of drawing you into an intriguing arena of brushstrokes, shapes, forms, different materials, emotions, questions and much more, without the layer of a screen, is enchanting. 

Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, founder of Salon 94 has opened a new beautiful art space in New York. The historic five stories landmark building is located across from the Guggenheim, on the Museum Mile. Whilst it may seem like an uncertain time to open, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Salon 94, have long championed impressive artists, and continued to do so throughout this challenging past year. Launching with three inaugural shows, the new art space is presenting the exhibition ‘Joy Revolution’ with historic works by Niki de Saint Phalle, a powerful painting exhibition ‘Style Variations’ by Derrick Adams, and a delightful exhibition of ceramics by Takuro Kuwata, a contemporary take on traditional Japanese teawares. In the year to come, Salon 94 on 89th Street, will open a ground-floor shop with fashion designs by Duro Olowu and a café by artist Tom Sachs.

Living in this era, means we have access to both the online and the offline. The pleasure of seeing art in person, can go parallel with seeing it on screen. Both aspects can feed our senses in positive yet different ways. In anticipation of seeing the art in person, below is some art online, from the engaging Salon 94 Design and their current alluring exhibitions. 

As conversations on art continue online and offline, art as a tool can bring us all closer together, highlight important notions, and introduce us to different perspectives, as well as raise important questions, in both good times and challenging times.



Les Rouleuses (The Skaters) 1974; Painted polyester and metal base

and Nana Power c. 1970; Complete portfolio of seventeen coloured serigraphs on Arches vellum paper in its original box

NIKI DE SAINT PHALLE | JOY REVOLUTION from 20th March to 24th April 2021 at Salon 94 89th Street

'Joy Revolution' is an exhibition which explores Niki de Saint Phalle's feminist political work and her utility of joy as a power in her art against a patriarchal world. Her sculpted figures are infused with gender politics and enveloped with a celebration of womanhood and therefore joy.


Style Variation 30 by Derrick Adams; 2020;  Acrylic paint and graphite on digital inkjet photograph, on Artex© Canvas in custom frame

DERRICK ADAMS | STYLE VARIATIONS from 20th March to 24th April 2021 at Salon 94 89th Street

'Style Variations' showcases ten monumental portraits, painted over the forms of a mannequin bust in beautiful colour. The portraits explore the notion of identity, celebrates Black culture, embracing gender fluidity, and vanquishing societal labels. These portraits made up with geometric shapes are in homage to African masks and art. An exhibition that transports the viewer to the windows of wig shops, braiding salons, and hair boutiques in Bed-Stuy—the Brooklyn neighbourhood where the artist lives and works. The artist has over the years, photographed storefronts and studied style variations from city to city.


Tea bowl by Takuro Kuwata; 2021; Porcelain, glaze, pigment, and gold

TAKURO KUWATA | ZUNGURIMUKKURI (ROLY POLY)  from 20th March to 24th April 2021 at Salon 94 89th Street

'Zungurimukkuri (Roly Poly)' unveils the shape of the Japanese tea bowl reinvented by Takuro Kuwata in a contemporary way. Elements in Kuwata's work, such as the technique of kintsugi, where breaks are repaired with gilt lacquer, highlight beauty within the notion of chance. A traditional ceramic made for the ritual of a Japanese tea ceremony, is through the art of Kuwata, released into an electric punk like contemporary ceramic artwork, enhanced in composition, shape, surface texture and colour.

3 E 89th St, New York, NY 10128

Images © of Salon 94 Design

Top image: Huma Bhabha sculptures @ Salon 94 Design