SHOWstudio's LiveStudio:

Taking us into a Live World of Fashion and Art

Nurturing the next generation of designers, questioning notions and letting artists and designers express themselves freely is all part of SHOWstudio's ethos and residency program that take place in their studio. ​And LiveStudio is a window for us to join in. 
Designers such as Charles Jeffrey, Judy Blame, Gareth Pugh and Iris Van Herpen, have all been invited  to take residency in the studio. SHOWstudio's residency is for artists and designers to delve into ideas in an open and creative form, questioning notions and terms.​

Being able to express oneself freely is not a given in this world. In a lot of countries, many struggle with political impositions that do not allow freedom and rights for all. The arts are a tool that can bring freedom of expression and freedom of identity to the forefront.

Showstudio's new project for 2018, the 'Queer' project is an open, interrogative and creative exploration of the term. Celebrating the communities that align with contemporary notions of queerness and the fashion that emerges thus. 

Taking part today on LiveStudio, is ART SCHOOL Fashion Collective, who will be creating a garment for their S/S 19 collection, live on camera. Art School will present their designs, create a performance and also showcase their take on genre-bending design, their ideas behind the fabric and explore the notion of identity in fashion, as they present "decadent minimalism" fashion and a fusion of menswear and womenswear. 
Joining Art School, is artist Dominic Myatt who is transforming the white walls of the SHOWstudio cove with his artwork, incorporating the backdrop into the creation of ART SCHOOL’s upcoming collection: High Concept Character.

More and more fashion labels and garments are becoming unisex, this seems to be becoming a norm. And yet this also could for many labels or even stores, be a trend, putting forth gender fluidity for branding and marketing purposes.
This is not the case for labels like Art School, it is their exciting art, their emotions they are pouring onto their garments, and they are letting us, the viewer, the customer be part of that.
Wether we are discussing identity through the notions of nationality, religion or gender, The arts are a great way to ease that conversation, break down any barriers and create an inclusive society for all. Fashion and art can push forward that reminder against any political aspect.  

Combining the arts with technology, fashion and art worlds are able to be seen in many countries, even countries that politically do not adhere to equal rights for all. Fashion and art are able to cross any political border and be a voice for many.
Watch Art School and Dominic Myatt striking and impressive creations, see the entire process unfold, as well as interviews with a selection of industry experts on SHOWstudio now!