Book and Talk

SOAS Alumni Book Club

Welcome to Book & Talk!
Book and Talk was born from the idea to continue some form of group discussion after graduating, and out of a love for books, all kinds of books, history, fiction, philosophy, politics, art, biographies etc and what books can do. Through reading and dialoguing, we hope to create a fun and informative space.

In 2013, the idea of an alumni book club at SOAS came to Nour Saleh after graduation, to keep the conversation going from her class debates and keep the atmosphere of dialogue, perspective and empathy through the help of books. Shortly after, she spoke to Gulus Egilmez about joining, then with Pierre Pagezy, all together, Book and Talk was born online and with the wonderful Alumni SOAS Team, Book and Talk First SOAS Alumni Book Club took flight. 

Check out the site for news on our gatherings and some pictures and book related information. 

Come join us and let's talk about books!