Melodie Hojabr

Well/come Series

Melodie Hojabr is a supergirl. Her colourful illustrations are hard not to enjoy. Like many of her generation, Melodie is the product of Iranian families moving back and forth between their country and elsewhere, Europe for example, and France in her case. She had a reverse immigration from Paris to Iran, went to school and is now a recognizable name in the Iranian art scene. Her works appear on: books, magazines, stickers, exhibitions, and museums. Icons of Iran’s often make appearances in her busy but clean compositions, mixed with an array of other international motifs and figures. She's cool, man.

Words by by Tara Aghdashloo

Mélodie Hojabr
born in 1989 , Paris.
Self-taught artist
First Iranian female to make sticker art in Iran.
Exhibition in Europe, Dubai and Tehran since 2010.


Mélodie Hojabr