Imagery, Branding, Power Relations, and Politics

What does branding mean? Is it a real notion? Is it an exaggeration of an entity or are there some truths to the imagery that branding produces?
If we know about the effects of branding, why do we need it?
Are content and intention not enough?
By way of us utilising branding, are we coercing ideas onto each other, or are we simply packaging an image, an idea, into a format that is easily understood or reachable?
But does that mean that we are assuming that we cannot see through an imagery?
And what does that mean in regards to power relations? Do we ‘like’ something because we truly ‘like’ it or do we ‘like’ something because we are either slowly being pushed towards that (even through algorithms ) or are we unconsciously thinking of the notion of power, and how to find a way onto that.
Does power and power relations dictate what we like, or do we all heartily like what we like and dislike what we dislike without thought of power relations?
What are our choices dictated by?

Is an image of an artwork (fine art or conceptual) as powerful and thought provoking as a selfie?
And yet, is a selfie just yesterday’s art self-portrait?

When we think of politics, is politics about content or imagery or imagery of content? Diversions are often used in the political realm, so is a photo-op more important than policy?

Images, imagery & branding are all aspects and features in life, & for sure many of it can be positive, but along side that or within branding, there are attributes worth taking into consideration and bringing forth, that of intention, depth and passion. If something is not branded it does not mean it has no value.

In light of organic thoughts and conversations, we refer to this quote by J.R.R Tolkien who once wrote: " All that is gold does not glitter".

What are your thoughst on imagery, branding, power relations, and politics?