All the stories we lost (journey without you) oil on canvas, 100 w x 80 h cm
Memories from lost summers long ago, playing on the beach and learning to cycle (mum), oil on canvas, 30 w x 25 h cm

Afternoon tea and the find we devoured, mixed media on watercolour paper, 120 w x 150 h cm

The sun in your veins – burning incense, oil on canvas, 100 h x 80 w cm
All the days you were by my side, mixed media painting, 100 h x 80 w cm
We walked hand in hand (till you let go) oil on canvas, 100 w x 80 h cm

Nature’s delights – Freedom

Latifah A Stranack

Artist Latifah A. Stranack pursues through her poetic and evocative paintings, her cultural identity, memories, the absence of loved ones, rituals and connections. She also aims to delve into understanding the dynamics of exile and migration, belonging and the notion of home through her art. Her self portraits, depicting everyday life, and objects such as coffee pots which are metaphors for family, painting with the colour blue, reminiscent of ancient cultures, mixed with modern elements and her autobiographical brushstrokes, bring forth an element of artistic hybridity within her subject matter. Latifah A. Stranack paintings feel serene, yet filled with emotion, a sense of searching for answers to the questions she poses through her art, and contentment and warmth amongst familiar people or objects. Latifah A. Stranack art is touching and feels true to what the artist's heart wants to relay.