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When entertainment turns political

Coffee Talk on when entertainment becomes political. Entertain our thoughts...
The Oscars were a sea of political views: an opportunity for those who have a platform to share their opinions. Many Oscar winners chose to convey their frustration at a lack of diverse representation, as well as no nominations for women directors. Furthermore, Joaquin Phoenix highlighted climate change and animal rights. Brad Pitt mentioned his disdain on the impeachment votes and questioned why John Bolton was not called to give evidence.
The lack of diversity by the Academy was highlighted during the opening, Janelle Monáe calling them out in song for their lack of diversity and Chris Rock spoke about that whilst presenting.
Fashion was also used as a statement tool. Natalie Portman wore a Dior cape embroidered in gold with names of women film directors not nominated.
On the other hand, winner of best film was Parasite, the first time a film in a foreign language wins in this category. The love for this film is an example of the importance of the arts, storytelling and film industry, they cross borders and bring people together, with humanity at the core of everything.
The Super Bowl half time show was also political. Jlo had children in cage-like structures sing Born in the USA and she came in wearing a USA flag that she then opened to reveal as a Puerto Rican flag. As Shakira and Jlo sang and danced, through their hips not lying & their derrières shaking, a clear message of diversity, no walls, no fighting was set out.
So what do u all think about entertainment showcasing politics? After all this isn’t anything new, the arts have always been a voice of what is happening in the world, about politics and civil society ,about people’s rights and struggles. What may be new-ish in these recent times, is when popular entertainers enter this arena, for they dare to alienate some of their audience, and therefore their income. But, shouldn’t we be celebrating this bravery? And why should entertainment not entertain our thoughts and perspectives? On the other hand would we feel different if we didn't agree with the celebrities shared message? Regardless, arts are a tool that can highlight injustice and fight for diversity and unity, and that can only be a good thing.