About us

Art Breath is an interdisciplinary platform where the arts and politics collide. Sharing voices from around the world to showcase the power of people and the power of the arts that speak on matters that affect us.

Art as a tool for communication, perspectives and to bring us together. 


Founded in 2015, Art Breath reports, develops and highlights the links and influences between all arts and culture with society, philanthropy, philosophy, sociology, economy, technology, sciences, human rights and politics.

Showcasing the arts that speak on matters that affect us and sharing voices from a variety of fields, conveying people's art, knowledge, concerns, work, thoughts and hopes. A space for The Humanities and Social Sciences to engage with each other to show and amplify the power art has to create change and display perspectives. 

From the beginning, we chose to highlight the arts and politics from all over the world, a global perspective, as all arts and geographical locations are or have been interlinked.

The arts can unite communities and countries, creating links of perspectives and empathy, as well as equal cultural exchanges. Art can be a tool for human rights, expression, positive change, discussion and coming together.

The platform as a bridge aims through the arts to inspire the start of conversations, propel questions, inject compassion, feature different narratives and relay rights and togetherness. ‚ÄčArt Breath encourages and sees culture and all forms of art as tools of empowerment, peace building, understanding and diplomacy, in each person’s life and in society, engaging in activities, projects, developing programs and events.

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