Part II-Cultural sector and initiatives through art to help Beirut 22/11/2020 - ongoing


Part II - Cultural sector and initiatives through art to help Beirut 22/11/2020 - ongoing

There are not enough words to describe what has happened in Beirut on the 4th August 2020. The loss of life and the missing is unbelievably heartbreaking.
Many who have survived sadly have family members, friends or acquaintances who have not, or have been hurt-as do many from the diaspora.
The infrastructural damage is beyond anything the country has seen-even throughout its war(s).
Rebuilding Beirut started straightaway by the one entity that has kept the country going: its civil society. They have through the years kept the country’s roots watered, cultivating the seeds of hope and building it to shine through its creativity, culture, or entrepreneurial skills. And now once more, they have gathered broom in hand to clean up the rubble and help each other out through in-kind donations or volunteering, and if abroad come together through initiatives and donating money.
Amongst the thorns that people in the Lebanon are faced with, it’s heartwarming for everyone in or out of the country to see roses that are the civil society bloom together for the Lebanon that the Lebanese have always wanted and deserved.
I've posted much on of the devastation and asked how this was allowed to happen. People deserve answers!
This here is about how the cultural sector are creating initiatives to help or raise money for Beirut.
We have been posting about this and will keep on posting, it is important that what the creative voices in Beirut have endured is remembered. As should and will the rebuilding of their studios or hubs. The creative sector have suffered much infrastructural damage, If you can donate and help please do, below are some links to do so or to help in other ways. If you can’t, then please talk about the arts from Lebanon, it’s a country filled with talent!

We Are All Beirut

Artistic fields, art institutions and galleries were severely damaged due to the heartbreaking devastation of August 4th 2020. "We Are All Beirut” is a charity auction sale to help and revive the art sector in Beirut. Many enticing artworks are available to bid at Christie's online until 24th November  The sale proceeds will go to the Arab Fund Arts & Culture (AFAC) who will assist the art community in Beirut. Additional proceeds from a section of the sale will be given to Lebanese Red Cross from a section of the sale which was sourced by a trusted partnership with Arthaus Beirut.

Jana At la Maison Rose - Beirut - Lebanon by Rania Matar

Dead End - Self Portrait by Myriam Boulos

Linear Emotions by Maryam Eisler

Got to have HALIB!   Got to have MILK!

Got to have halib, which means milk in arabic, is crowdfunding project started by Rania Abboud to ensure no child in Lebanon this December will go thirsty. Through the sales of artworks, or by donating on the just giving page, ,the money raised will go to purchasing milk. The Milk will be distributed across the four corners of Lebanon, through NGO's, shelters, orphanage, camps, and private civilians that are helping families in need. 

Beirut: Lebanon of Tomorrow , Basecamp , Sisters of Charity , AGBU , Missionaries of charity , private groups such as 'Tantet el Ashrafieh'.

North Lebanon: Tripoli through private group, Social and Cultural Association of Mashta Hassan / Akkar.

South Lebanon: El-Buss refugee camp, various private groups in remote villages.

Bekaa Valley: SAWA association , Sawa for dev + aid.


 Artist Sam Jackson  artwork part of #artistgotmilk initiative


"Beirut Ma Betmout" is an online sale of Lebanese art curated by Saria Sakka on the platform AUC ART founded by Natasha Arselan . AUC Art is an online auction house specialising in graduate art and championing early career artists. For Beirut after the devastation of August 4th 2020, AUC Art dedicate this sale to Lebanese artists. Part of the profits from the sale will go to Impact Lebanon.

Aug 1973 / Baalbek Blues 1, 2009 by KARINE WEHBÉ

Women at their Book Signing, 2019 by SIRINE FATTOUH

Beirut Re-Store

Beirut Re-Store co-founded by @lauratabet with @sophhreshh and @ulysse is an online marketplace that offers a curated selection of art and design objects donated by emerging as well as established artists from across the creative industries to help the Lebanese people rebuild Beirut. Funds raised support vetted NGOs that work for immediate aid and longer term recovery including the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020 (see below).

Columns by Gigi Rose Gray


In light of the disaster that hit Beirut, the Lebanese diaspora organizations SEAL,  LIFE,  LebNet — joined by Jamhour Alumni and the non-governmental US based Kuwait-America Foundation — have formed a unified humanitarian effort under the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020. The Beirut Emergency Fund 2020 have also raised funds through many creative projects.

Beneficiary Organizations so far are:
• Hospitals: Geitawi Hospital, Hotel Dieu de France, St George Hospital, St Joseph
• Medical and Mental Health Support: APEG (Association pour la protection des enfants de la guerre), Arc en Ciel, Embrace, Happy Childhood Foundation, Himaya, Lebanese Red Cross, Lebanon Needs, Rifaq El-Darb, SOS Children’s Villages, CDLL (Cénacle de La Lumière)
• Shelter, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Baytna Baytak, Beit El Baraka, Lebanese Food Bank, Nusaned, Offre Joie, RMF, Solidarity, House of Christmas

To donate:

Beirut Editions

Limited-edition prints in support of relief efforts in the wake of the Aug. 4 explosion. Proceeds go to @egnalegna @armlebanon and @havenforartists

The Components of an Exploding Pressure Cooker Studio Safar

Talk About Lebanon

Lebanese creatives Sharif Akhaoui, Tala Safie, Raphaelle Macaron, Salim Samara and Farah Fayad created a T-shirt with the message:
“TALK ABOUT LEBANON” All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to Rebuild Beirut an initiative by Live Love Beirut.

Creatives for Lebanon

Team of creatives comprised of Caroline IssaSabine Getty,  Eli Rezkallah, Ahmad Swaid, Emily Kareh, Alissa Kobeissi, Noor Fares, Racil Chalhoub, Sarah Baadarani, set up Creatives for Lebanon to leverage the power and potential of the Lebanese diaspora in support of the creative sector in Lebanon by launching long-term impact initiatives to rebuild the creative community in the aftermath of the August 4th explosions. The first Creatives For Lebanon collection in collaboration with Beirut Re-Store ,helped raise money through LIFE Generation USA, working for immediate aid in the wake of the 2020 Beirut blast and education through the LIFE scholarship programmes.

Survivors T-Shirt by Sandra Mansour

Main Line Duffle by Paravel

Super Fund* for Beirut

Slow Factory founded by Céline Semaan and Colin Vernon launched a five year plan through its Super Fund to fundraise and strategically distribute funds in support of local, grassroots and independent NGOs on the ground in Beirut first, and eventually around the world. They are currently fundraising to Support Domestic Migrant Workers In partnership with two local organizations, Egna Legna and This is Lebanon

Art For Beirut

Art for Beirut is an initiative founded by Leila SabbahLily Farhat, Nour SabbahSophie KhouryYasmine SabbahZein Freiha a group of Lebanese citizens residing between Paris, London, Montreal and New York City. Their aim is to bring together the art community and those passionate about the arts to collaborate on initiatives that will help restore Beirut, preserve its cultural heritage and support its people.

Art for Beirut in collaboration with Sothebys and Creatives for Lebanon present "To Beirut with Love" an auction of artworks and unique pieces held From the 7th December to the 15th. 100% of the profits will go to five charities selected in collaboration with Impact Lebanon and Life Lebanon UK.