Censored Art Today by Gareth Harris

Hot Topics in the Art World series published in association with Sotheby's Institute of Art

Censored Art Today by Gareth Harris explores 'cancel culture', the censorship of art, considers its rise in the 21st century, asking questions such as, why censors suppress artistic freedom and is freedom of expression fully compatible with diversity and inclusivity

Analysing the different circumstances where artists, museums and curators face restrictions, Gareth Harris looks at censored art in a political context in China, Cuba and the Middle East, examining the notion of 'artwashing', algorithms censoring, discrimination against LGBTQ+ artists, and public statues.

Through deep research and speaking to artists and art experts, evaluating cultural institutions being pressurised by states, seeking who the censors are, as Harris relays, censorship is a centuries-old issue, but it currently feels on the rise, how come?, this book does not just feel timely but is important.


Censored Art Today by Gareth Harris, part of the series Hot Topics in the Art World, 

published by Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd, with Sotheby's Institute of Art