The PowerBook

by Jeanette Winterson

How much power does technology, history, our imagination and love have? 
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The PowerBook by Jeanette Winterson 

A book written with poetic fervour on thoughts, life and love—where words intertwine with each other to unravel our desires in discovering different paths in life. Through multiple dimensions and realities, from travels in cities and cyberspace, reality and imagination are at crossroad with each other in this novel. 
The PowerBook, is the story of Ali or Alix an e-writer that can provide change or “freedom” just for one night — you can become what and who you like in your life for a day. But once you do, you may not return the same person.
This book was written about 21 years ago when—for many of us—we were still discovering the power of tech, and reality versus imagination. A life through filters, a life online or offline, all these thoughts are still so relevant today, as is the power of love over everything, and the power to question and seek what we are each looking for. 


The PowerBook by Jeanetter Winterson