Art Identity

Do you relate to a variety of arts & culture? Art is a bridge that can unite us, unite communities and unite the world.
There are so many different types of arts that come from different parts of the world, that we may like, have been influenced by, have childhood or teenage memories of or have had an impact on us, that they become part of us, part of our identity or our cultural identity alongside (or part of) our identity. Whichever art we are into at the time we are into it, whether film, food, painting, books, music or TV, may become part of us and part of what we reflect . It’s from each of our own personal perspective and not a driven cultural political force we are speaking of. Like a country’s soft power which is still about instilling power. It is more about showcasing that our influences and what we like and identify with can come from the whole world. And so as part of humanity, we want to care for each other, for #humanity. ????☮️????☮️ We are all a melting pot of different arts and cultures and that is something we should all embrace and love! ✨☮️✨
What arts have been part of your journey that have shaped you?
And what do you all think? Let us know your thoughts❣️☮️????☮️


We will be discussing this subject in Spring 2020 at University Luxembourg with academics from arround the world - Due to COVID-19, this has now been postponed to 2021.


Identity Through Art / Art Through Identity: