Au bord du monde,vivent nos vertiges

At the edge of the world, lies the ebb and flow of promise

A photographic exhibition held at l’abbaye de Jumièges in France, entitled "Au bord du monde, vivent nos vertiges" translated as “At the edge of the world, lies the ebb and flow of promise”, curated by Laure d’Hauteville and Clémence Cottard Hachem delves into the Lebanese photographic scene.

The Lebanon has unfortunately experienced a colossal and heartbreaking devastation in 2020 and an economic collapse. The country's artistic scene continuing to face difficulties due to the country's circumstances, is nevertheless proving that the power of art and expression cannot be bound. In a mist of challenging situations, creatives have nonetheless questioned, reflected, expressed and brought a voice to their thoughts. 

The artworks from "At the edge of the world, lies the ebb and flow of promise", hold true to their promise, with a set of powerful contemporary photographic works that travel across continents into the photographic display at Jumièges curated by Laure d’Hauteville and Clémence Cottard Hachem, carrying perspectives that cover the three thematic elements of the show. Fluid Geographies looks to geographical implications, water and what that reflects; Temporal Bridges to cultural roots, time and memory, reconstructing both in relation to or since the Lebanese Civil War and in between the notions of reality and fiction; and Songlines of Vision on imagined landscapes, going beyond the present and looking to the future. 

The 16 artists comprised of photographers and filmmakers include Joanna Andraos, Valérie Cachard & Gregory Buchakjian, Jack Dabaghian, Paul Gorra, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Gilbert Hage, Laetitia Hakim & Tarek Haddad, Roger Moukarzel, Rami el Sabbagh, Nasri Sayegh, Caroline Tabet, Lara Tabet and Tanya Traboulsi. With the artists' photographs constituting of engaging visuals, intense in their meaning and message, art reclaims a space, where sentiments and creativity develop a loud and important language that is felt across landscapes. 

A wonderful initiative showcasing the Lebanese photographic scene, where artistic thought and photography is challenging the challenges through art. 


A State, 2019
From the project Unconformities

Inkjet prints
BH1 : 130 x 230 cm BH2 : 130 x 202 cm BH3 : 130 x 220 cm


Exhibition Poster: "Stèle(s)" by Nasri Sayegh

Top Banner picture: " Ouyoune Al Simane" by Paul Gorra

Picture on Coffee Talk main page:  "Beirut Recurring Dream" by Tanya Traboulsi

Jumièges Abbey - Abbot's House 

12 July — 06 November 2022

General  Curator: Sandra Prédine-Ballerie, Director, Culture and National Heritage, Seine Maritime.

Exhibition Curators: Laure d’Hauteville and Clémence Cottard Hachem

Copyright @ Laure d’Hauteville and Clémence Cottard Hachem and to the respective artists.