Hunna هن

In challenging times art can become a voice. It can also be a communal language for ideas and sentiments to be shared. 

Hunna هن is an exhibition that showcases art to support women artists in Lebanon. Curated by Aya Abu Hawash and Ranine El Homsi, the exhibition highlights 60 artists, 44 of which are women. Hunna هن, places art from women and those that support them at the forefront, works of art that call to attention, regarding achievements, celebrations and hardhsips, as well as feelings, emotions, daily life and socio-political elements within the artworks, through a lens on Lebanon. Set in ABC Art Space in Verdun, Lebanon, the exhibition is comprised of paintings, photography and sculptures, providing an arena for all to engage with. On until the 28th May, the compelling and broad range of art, can also be found here:  with more info, details of talks, such as Thursday 26th screening of Tom Young's art film on his painting 'Lady Spears (Mary Borden), and biographies of the artists on Curatrices Projects. Below are some of the artworks on display. 

Tom Young – Women’s March 1943 (Beirut), oil on canvas 

ROLF DERGHAM – Four women posing on ethiopian new year


Ammar Abd Rabbo – Sans titre, Photo print on dibond alu

Flavia Codsi – Gift, GICLEE Print and  Flavia Codsi – LA CONFINATA, oil on canvas


Diana Assaker – back to the stone age, Mixed media on canvas


SHAYMA KAMEL – Untitled, Acrylic on canvas

Eddy choueiry – Thanks…one apple was enough, Print on canvas

Mansour El Habre – Women & storm, mixed media on paper


AYA ABU HAWASH – Karim and Lina’s in Myriam’s eyes, oil on canvas

Sara Abu Mrad – Black and white Matilda Collection Chinese ink on cotton paper, Chinese ink on cotton paper


MAYSAM HINDI – a sip of coffee, a cigarette, and its time to go

SERENE GHANDOUR – Iam so tired, Acrylic on canvas