Political Flower

We often dismiss flower paintings as decorative and yet flowers over the years have been a symbol within political elements. For instance flowers are often associated with peace or the peace movement, a red rose is the visual identity of the Labour Party, and political parties wear rosettes. The tulip from the Ottoman Empire made its way to the Netherlands, (it is said that the Viennese ambassador to Turkey had brought it to the Hapsburg Court in Vienna where it then travelled to the Netherlands.)
Cotton flowers / plant are embedded in the dark history of slavery. Shamefully the profits made from cotton flowers come through enslaved labour.
When Vincent Van Gogh painted sunflowers they were to represent the fields of beauty he was seeing, and were then a symbol of gratitude. Today the sunflower is held up by many to represent their thoughts with Ukraine, to stand against the brutality of war and in the hope that humanity will once more use flowers for peace, share flowers for peace and love.

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