Virtual Art Breath x SOAS

In conversation with Omar Kabbani of Ashekman


An online talk with Omar Kabbani from ASHEKMAN – an Arabic calligraffiti and street art crew

About this Event

Virtual Art Breath x SOAS 

Join us for an online talk with ASHEKMAN – an Arabic Calligraffiti and street art crew

Omar Kabbani will be in conversation with SOAS Alumna Nour Saleh (founder of Art Breath), they will discuss art in these challenging times we face, ASHEKMAN's art journey, the power of art, street art, calligraphy, Lebanon, painting Grendizer around the World and shining a positive light on the Middle East.

The talk will last for 20 minutes and there will be time for questions at the end. You can email your questions or write them in during the live conversation. Send advance questions to [email protected]

We will send the link to attend the meeting in an email to attendees on the day of the event. When you click on the link, you will be asked to fill in a name you would like to appear on the screen. You won't need to download any apps or features to attend the event, which will be hosted on Collaborate. 

About the artist

ASHEKMAN is an Arabic street art group that started in 2001 in Beirut Lebanon by identical twin brothers Omar and Mohamed Kabbani. Born in the midst of the Lebanese civil war in the early 1980s, the twins witnessed several wars in 3 decades. ASHEKMAN soon became an outlet for the twins to fight social and political injustice. Their mission is to revive the Arabic culture in an urban context, to bring back the golden Arab age where poetry, science, and knowledge were exported and translated to all cultures and, finally, to spread a positive message of tolerance. ASHEKMAN style is Arabic Calligraffiti, which is a mixture of classical Arabic calligraphy with modern Arabic graffiti. 

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About the founder

Nour Saleh is the founder of Art Breath, an artist, moderator, writer, consultant and researcher. A SOAS Alumna, she has an MSc in International Politics. She has worked for numerous international fashion houses and taken part in several projects including with The British Red Cross and with Art Breath for Fly the Flag for Human Rights. She moderated and developed the panel for the NextGEN Exchange Leadership Forum (Flying Bridges) at the OECD headquarters in Paris. She developed a series of events at SOAS University and an event at University of Oxford Middle East Centre. She is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts. 

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