A Nomad family album by Batool Showghi 2015
Mixed Media and photography on canvas
c.Batool Showghi
Immigrants Artist’s books Series, by Batool Showghi  2019 – 2020,
© Batool Showghi
Immigrants Artist’s books Series, by Batool Showghi, 2019 – 2020
Unique artist’s books, based on the immigrants’ journey of displacement. Stitching and textile on birth certificates or passports documents with Farsi inscription 
© Batool Showghi
Captured in a Box, by Batool Showghi, 2021
One of the artist's confinement projects, “Captured in a Box” installation, shows people being isolated in a room or their house separated from each other. 

Consists of 60 small metal boxes. 
© Batool Showghi
Family Disintegration Installation, by Batool Showghi,
This installation is dedicated to the artist's father who was a Sufi.
shown: In Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk,
Arts and Literary Festival 2017
© Batool Showghi
An ordinary day, by Batool Showghi, 2017
Mixed Media with Photography and stitching on canvas
© Batool Showghi
Let me be, by Batool Showghi,
Mixed Media with photography and stitching on Canvas
© Batool Showghi
Immigrants 2, by Batool Showghi, 2018
Stitching & Textiles on printed archival paper, 30 x 42 cm
© Batool Showghi
The Immigrants, by Batool Showghi,
Wall piece, 17 x 56 cm, textiles and stitching on printed imagery
© Batool Showghi
Displaced families, by Batool Showghi,
Use of stitching and textiles on printed materials.
Size: 42 x 60 cm. Unique.
© Batool Showghi
Displaced, by Batool Showghi 2019
Selected for the Artrooms Awards and Artrooms Fair 2019
© Batool Showghi
Between Two Breaths, by Batool Showghi,  2020
Five photographs creating a symbolic image of life. The dried poppies are placed on the artist's father’s handwritten will. Manipulated photographic imagery with stitching printed on transparency
c.Batool Show
The Art of Loving, by Batool Showghi, 2020
first confinement project “The Art of Loving” is a textile piece with Farsi inscriptions.
Textiles on canvas. Machine and hand stitched with beads and Farsi inscriptions,
© Batool Showghi
The Girl in front of Fresco, by Batool Showghi,
Isfahan 2011,
Digital photograph printed on Archival paper. 30 x 40 cm or larger on request. Edition No. 2 of 7
© Batool Showghi
The Birth Certificate Series, revised, by Batool Showghi, 2013
Manipulated Imagery, photographs, textile and stitching on paper. 50 x 50 cm. Edition No. 3 of 7
© Batool Showghi
A different state of being, by Batool Showghi, 2014
Manipulated photograph on archival paper
© Batool Showghi
Conformity , No 1, by Batool Showghi, 2014
Manipulated photography and stitching on Archival paper. 40 x 30 cm. Edition of 1.
© Batool Showghi
Looking by Batool Showghi , 2016 ,
Photography Collage on archival paper and transparency
Size: 21 cm x 29 cm. Unique.
© Batool Showghi

Batool Showghi

Batool Showghi’s art fuels powerful story telling, artworks touched by resilience with a poetic artistic style. Her art reflects the notions of memory, identity, cultural heritage, migration and displacement.

Born in Iran, based since 1985 in England, the artist holds an MA in Design & Media Arts from the University of Westminster, a BA honours from the London Guildhall University, and has taught art as a part time lecturer at Harrow College until 2015.

A multidisciplinary artist who works with photography, digital manipulation, illustration, painting, fabric, all coming through either in the form of single images, artist’s books, artworks in boxes, installations, and stitched fabric. Transforming documents, portraits, everyday objects with calligraphy, patterns, colour and stitches, layers of emotive artworks develop. 

Artworks based on Immigrant’s displacement, where the artist uses textile and stitching on birth certificates or passport documents with Farsi inscription conveying the thoughts, hopes and despair of each immigrant. Other works evoke personal memories, family and sentiments.

Intricate artworks by Batool Showghi, beautifully interwoven across time, capture or stitch, moments in art to reflect and pause on. 

Batool Showghi's work has been acquired by Tate Britain, The British Library, Middlesex University, Canterbury University and many more, and can be seen at Jaggedart Gallery.


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