Book Talk

This is a space to highlight books and discuss them. Why books? Because they are a great way to start conversations on different ideas and topics that need to be discussed. Books are a gateway to perspectives, they can introduce us to worlds and thoughts. Furthermore, they can encourage our imagination, and help us discover new territories or even new words. They propel empathy and introduce us to multiple narratives. Whether writing or reading about culture, art, science, life stories, civilisations, philosophy or emotions, all of this can connect us, broaden our minds, from history to our present. 


Book Talk will be highlighting a book a month, every Friday, up on Art Breath. Do check in, share your thoughts, comment and send us some recommendations!

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The Book Of The Month will be in parallel to other book events with #BookTalk, as well as the work Art Breath's founder does with Book and Talk, FIRST SOAS ALUMNI BOOK CLUB, the idea for which first came about in 2013 and officially kicked off in 2015.