Crying in H Mart

by Michelle Zauner

Crying with "Crying in H Mart" by Michelle Zauner. A bestseller and raw biography of love and loss, identity, everyday shared memories and life questions, food and music. 

Michelle Zauner takes us through her emotional journey. From searching for her identity, trying to succeed in the music industry, caring for her mother diagnosed with cancer, her relationship with her father, holding on to her Korean roots once her mother passes, to the emotions of it all, sharing and remembering memories, preparing food to reminisce over moments she spent with her mother, shopping for ingredients, eating, learning recipes from her mother and regretting asking to skip Korean school to hang out with her friends. Food is a main ingredient in this book, as both a memory and a comforter, a way to keep someone alive and a way to connect. Written with raw and honest sentiment, where Zauner's words alongside her description of Korean food and love of music, flood the tears but also pour them back into our hearts, holding them in a safe space, safe with the knowledge that we are all connected through love and loss, life and hope, tears and smiles. 

     Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner, published by Picador