Gallery Climate Coalition

Not-for-profit organisation GCC—the Gallery Climate Coalition, have evolved the role of art in a significant way, into it actively propelling the change needed for our climate. The charity is working towards a more sustainable art world, with an aim to reduce by 2030 the sector’s carbon emissions by at least 50% in line with the Paris Agreement. As mentioned on the GCC website, their goal “is to facilitate the decarbonisation of the visual art sector and promote zero-waste practices”.

GCC—the Gallery Climate Coalition at Frieze 

The organisation provide environmental sustainability guidelines for the art sector, information based on research by leading environmental science and policy experts and tools such as a carbon calculator—free of charge for their members—which anonymously collects data, allowing users to check on their carbon footprint, and ensuring the sector’s progress is on track.

Founded last October by a group of gallerists and art professionals, including Thomas Dane Gallery, Frieze, Kate MacGarry Gallery, Artlogic, Lisson Gallery, Sadie Coles HQ, to name a few, since then, many art galleries and professionals from the art sector have become GCC members, participating in the coalition’s aims. Furthermore, the organisation has branched out with volunteer teams operating in Berlin and Los Angeles, raising awareness on environmental concerns and working towards a greener world. 

Present at Frieze Art Fair 2021, the Gallery Climate Coalition booth warmly welcome people, showcasing all the tools needed to ensure effective actions are taken, such as help and information in regards to travel, packaging and material, and shipping. The booth also displays an engaging artwork photograph by Wolfgang Tillmans, donated by Maureen Paley and Wolfgang Tillmans, with all proceeds going to support GCC’s work.


Lignin Duress (d), 2014 by Wolfgang Tilmans, unframed inkjet print, edition 1 + 1 AP, Generously donated by Wolfgang Tilmans and Maureen Paley. All Proceeds will go to support GCC.

Aoife Fannin of GCC at Frieze Art Fair

Gallery Climate Coalition have also partnered with Client Earth, who use the law to challenge industries, governments and corporations involved in polluting activities. Together they have set up Artists For ClientEarth and with Christies have launched the series, starting with "There'll be bluebirds", 2019, by Cecily Brown. 

GCC, an art and environmental initiative that is bringing much needed awareness on the Climate Emergency we all face, and showcases the array of possibilities where work and businesses can become sustainable. Fantastic and important initiative, that has created a path for the art world to come together and help make our world more sustainable.


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