Platform Earth

Platform Earth is an arts led environmental charity supporting organisations on the frontline of the climate crisis, with the aim to establish a carbon neutral arts industry in the UK.

The exhibition ‘Carbon’ hosted by Platform Earth at this year’s Frieze London, introduced an array of artworks, some of which incredibly, were created with an art ink made from recycled air pollution.


At the intersection of the arts and sciences, alongside artists, ecologists and institutions, they produce contemporary art exhibitions and projects to fund cutting edge science in carbon reduction.

Initiatives include The Great British Sea Forest campaign which looks to restoring the marine ecosystem across the British Coast, recognising the capacity for marine habitats to capture carbon from the atmosphere, and in turn, reduce the effects of climate change. This campaign is comprised of The Sussex Kelp Restoration Project supported by David Attenborough, which has been working on conserving 304 square kilometres of the Sussex coastline.



For Platform Earth’s exhibition at Frieze London, contemporary artists either donated or created artworks made with Air Ink, a product that first started as an MIT Media Lab experiment. Air Ink is a carbon-negative black ink pen made from recycled air pollution, up-cycling carbon emissions. This innovative art material is a game changer and together with Platform Earth showcases how innovation, recycling and creativity can help our climate heal and render the art industry more sustainable.

Platform Earth's booth at Frieze London, some of the artworks were made with Air Ink, pen seen in this image taken at Frieze London


The artworks on display, their frames, paper used or any of the logistics, have net-zero emissions. Artists include, Marina Abramovic, Charlotte Colbert, Philip Colbert, Tracey Emin, Brian Eno, Antony Gormley, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Ben Okri, Cornelia Parker, Shezad Dawood, to name a few.

Proceeds from the artworks go towards funding Platform Earth’s environmental projects, including The Great British Sea Forest campaign.

'THINKING OF YOU, THINKING OF THE WORLD' by Tracey Emin, 2021, Air Ink on recycled paper, 42 x 59.4 cm

'UNTITLED', by Charlotte Colbert, 202, Air Ink on recycled paper. 42 x 29.7 cm

'CARBON FOOTPRINT' by Brian Eno, 2021, Air Ink on recycled paper, 42 x 29.7 cm

'REVOLUTION EARTH' by Ben Okri and Rosemary Clunie, 2021, Air Ink and acrylic on paper, 59.4 x 42 cm


Our climate is in a state of emergency, the arts are a tool that can both highlight what is happening, as well as lead us towards a more sustainable world. As Platform Earth, their environmental projects, these artworks and Frieze London have shown, art, nature and our climate exist in conjunction with each other, and it is up to us to ensure our world, our climate shines a bright light. 


 'FUCKINGBEAUTIFUL (ICE BLUE)' by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, 2017, 6 neon sections & transformers, 168 x 148 x 6.5 cm, edition 4 of 5 + 2AP


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